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By accessing and remaining on the Site, the user accepts the present terms and conditions of use.

The Company reserves the right, at its exclusive discretion, to amend the present document at any moment.

If any one of the dispositions present in these terms and conditions of use should prove invalid and/or null and/or ineffective, this shall not render invalid and/or null and/or ineffective the terms and conditions of use as a whole.

Whenever the terms and conditions of use are available in more than one language, in the case of discrepancies between the languages, the Italian version shall prevail.


Use of the Site

The user undertakes not to give rise, through the Site, to any activity that is contrary to the Law or which infringements third parties’ rights. The Site is of a purely informative nature: any reference to products or services shall not constitute a promise or an offer to the public.

Communications and transmissions between the user and the Company by means of the Site shall not be deemed of a confidential or private nature.



While the Company shall maintain the Site and its related content with the greatest care, it shall nevertheless not assume any liability for the exactness, completeness or updating of data and information present on the Site. The Company therefore declines all liability for errors or omissions arising from use of data or information present on the Site.  

The user is held to check independently, before making any decision whatsoever, the exactness of the information shown therein.

Some products or services shown on the site may not be available in the country in which the user displays them.

The Company states that display by a user in any one particular country of a page of the Site containing the description of a product or service, does not necessarily imply that the Company intends to proceed with commercialization of said product or service in that geographical area.


Intellectual and industrial property rights

The Site and its entire content are protected by intellectual and industrial property laws.

The content, the materials and the works published or in any case present on the Site – including, purely by way of example and not exhaustively, trademarks, logos, images, catalogues, sounds, photographs, databanks, press releases and in general documents reproduced therein, as well as the application software and the html codes – are the exclusive property of the Company, or are used subject to permit or license by the holder of such rights, or in a descriptive sense and in any case in compliance with applicable laws. The user may operate with these same only insofar as such activity is strictly necessary for correct use of the Site and, therefore, may not use them freely. The Company reserves all rights, including that of reproduction.

Any other use of the above, for whatsoever purpose, is prohibited unless prior written consent has been obtained from the Company. The Company shall recognize the rights of third parties whose distinctive marks are present on the Site.


Text links

Text links present on the Site may take users to third parties’ web pages. The user takes note and acknowledges that the Company has no control over the content of such sites and, in its quality of mere third party, shall have no liability for the content and/or the material, including publicity, shown therein.

The creation of specific links that take the user to an internal page, bypassing the home page (so-called “deep linking”) is not permitted. Likewise prohibited are automatically inserted links (so-called “inline linking”) that enable the user to display automatically, in a specific space, content deriving from and/or present on the Site. So-called “Framing” or “Iframing” links, which enable the appearance of a page of the Site and/or a part thereof within a specific page owned by third party, are similarly prohibited.

Lastly, any linking technique that has the effect of bypassing restrictive measures adopted by the Company to limit users’ access to specific pages of the Site, as well as the creation of fraudulent links containing, wholly or partially, trademarks or other distinctive marks owned by the Company, and/or of which the Company is licensee, are also prohibited.


Processing of users’ personal data

With regard to the processing of users’ personal data, please consult the information available here.


Applicable law

These terms and conditions of use are governed by Italian Law.


Further conditions

Further terms and conditions of use, differing from the above, may apply to single specific services or items supplied through the Site. Such further terms and conditions of use may waive those stated herein.


Bentivoglio, Nov 14, 2017