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New FactoryNet-Tool

Uncomplicated: System replacement with BRANKAMP Safe and Rescue

No company today can afford to have machine standstills and production failures. ProcessMonitoring systems from BRANKAMP support companies and ensure that all processes run smoothly. And if the BRANKAMP systems themselves have to be serviced or replaced, then it goes without saying that speed is of the essence. With its Safe and Rescue system, BRANKAMP has developed an innovative FactoryNet tool that makes the entire equipment replacement process simple and easy.

Up to now, new ProcessMonitoring systems had to be manually adjusted. The operator had to enter every important piece of data into the system in order to achieve optimum manufacturing monitoring. This time-intensive procedure is now relegated to the past with the new BRANKAMP SAR (Save and Rescue) system. All relevant data for process monitoring is saved on a central server using the FactoryNet tool. During the initial installation of a new ProcessMonitoring system with SAR function, the system automatically locates the FactoryNet server and simply downloads the data and necessary software from the server.

The innovative SAR function: Ready to go!

„Uncomplicated equipment replacement minimizes downtimes and makes production more economical“, says Franz Saliger, BRANKAMP company official and head of the cold massive forming department, identifying the advantages. The new Safe and Rescue function was launched with great success at the wire 2008. Technical innovations, such as the BRANKAMP Safe and Rescue function, are an important prerequisite for successfully asserting the company's position against the competition.

Technology leasing

Entering the field of new technologies is now possible without major one-time costs via attractive leasing models. „This financing model has numerous advantages“, says Franz Saliger. „Our customers can access monitoring systems with the latest technology and therefore provide ideal protection for their production processes against failure and malfunctions. Of course, this also has a positive effect on the economic efficiency of the company.“ To summarize: Leasing not only helps save money when procuring new systems, but these innovations also help to generate more turnover.


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